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About Me

Ideas- the ability to have them, the vision and drive to pursue them, and the skills to manage them – are what make a company stand out from its competitors. They’re free and available to all, but few of us make the effort to exploit this rich resource.

Most of my business life has been spent working with ideas – helping companies improve their business by thinking differently about problems and opportunities. I like to bring fresh thoughts to dull issues.

Every business owner has problems that knowledge and experience can’t solve and need a different approach – some inventive thinking. The good news is that this ability isn’t a rare gift, but a skill that anyone can learn. It only takes ten minutes to prove this.

I don’t offer standard solutions out of the business textbooks and sometimes I’ll completely disagree with them. What I will do is provide you with the skills to question the conventional wisdom, discover new options and apply the answers that are right for your business.

Paul Forsythe – Biography

Paul Forsythe is the Director of Alemare Solutions Ltd, a business consultancy that aims to stimulate the ideas development and problem-solving abilities of clients so that they can be applied not only to product development and marketing but to any business situation,
Graduating as a Materials Scientist from Cambridge University, he has more than thirty years’ experience of developing new products and improving processes, especially within the chemicals and composite moulding industries. He’s provided his services in Europe, Asia and USA.

Paul also spent a year learning Experimental Psychology and how to use Statistics to draw useful conclusions from uncertain or incomplete information. He has extensive experience of using these easily applied techniques to optimise manufacturing processes and, at the same time, reduce their costs. These techniques can equally be used to design efficient experiments so that projects to deliver new products to meet challenging specifications can be completed on time and within budget.

Paul also managed the materials testing laboratory for the Scott Bader Company. Additional services included forensic examination of failed parts, researching international standards and steering products through the approval processes of regulatory agencies.

As well as a deep knowledge of processes, methods and standards, a feature of Paul’s work is his drive to challenge conventional beliefs in order to bring new insights to situations. At the root of this is his philosophy that knowledge and experience alone are not enough to solve some problems, or to separate a business from its competitors. He therefore offers a portfolio of easily learned techniques that enable the small business owner to generate and develop new ideas that are in line with the company’s values and capabilities.

Paul is a member of the Institute of Consulting, the Chemical and Industrial Consultants Association, the Society of Chemical Industry and the University of Bedfordshire’s Knowledge Hub. He holds a Diploma in Business Support to High Growth Companies and is registered as a qualified mentor with the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. As well as his contributions to a number of innovation and new product forums, he is currently authoring a book to present his own insights into individual and company behaviours that inhibit the success of new products.

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