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According to some official sources, only 7% of new products are a commercial success. That’s a massive problem when there are good reasons that you need them :

  • Competitors chipping away at your business
  • Customers becoming more demanding
  • New technologies that could make your products obsolete overnight

Companies that know how to manage risk and change will always out-perform their competitors. Simple changes will multiply your chances of success many times over.

I spent more than thirty years in teams developing products and improving the processes to make them. It provided great insight into the differences between projects that were successful and the ones that failed. Technical merit isn’t at the top of the list.

These are just a few examples of how I can improve your chances of becoming a market leader :

  • Understanding your business to identify opportunities
  • Unlocking the knowledge and creative skills that you already have
  • Making sure that you’re working on projects that are right for your business
  • Managing projects when they involve uncertainty and risk
  • Protecting your Intellectual Property and making sure you don’t infringe anyone else’s
  • Launching high quality products, on time and within budget

If your company needs fresh ideas, or new products aren’t meeting their goals, Contact Me